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Private Virtual Classes: Get one-on-one instruction from the comfort of your own home! In this hour long class you will receive a full body workout personally tailored for your goals and needs. If you are new to Pilates, are recovering from an injury, are pre/postpartum, or want require a more flexible class time these classes are perfect for you! Classes are over Zoom. $80 single private class / 1 hour

Virtual Group Classes: These 30 minute classes over Zoom have are a great full body workout. No props are necessary, but light weights (under 3lbs) are great for an added challenge if you want a more intense workout. Modifications are always given to make these classes suitable for all fitness levels. Check out the class schedule by clicking the link at the top of the page. Drop in $10 / 30 minutes

Wine Down Wednesday (Stretching Class): 30 minute virtual stretching classes to help relax after a long day. This weekly class filled of feel-good moves will help you sleep better, improve your posture, and make your joints feel better after sitting at your desk all day. Feel free to bring a glass of wine, a cup of herbal tea, water or whatever kind of beverage helps you wind down mid-week! $5 single drop-in / 30 minutes

Social Distancing Classes (seasonal): Want to have private or group class in your backyard or dock? I can come to you and provide a great class in person! (Please Note: Social Distancing Classes are only available in the Greater Toronto Area and Muskoka). Please contact for rates

Corporate Team Classes: Want your give your team at work a fitness class that will help them de-stress, and uplift their mood? These classes are perfect for those who sit at a desk all day to help improve their posture, get a great full body workout and stretch. Classes are suitable for all levels and don’t require any equipment. All classes are over Zoom and are great for teams working from home! Please contact for rates

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