Props aren’t required in classes but if you do wish to purchase to add some variety to your workout here are my favourites!

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Weighted Toning Balls:

These 2lb weights are one of my most used props in class. They are easy to hold and add great versatility and challenge to exercises!

Foam Roller:

I love these for challenging stability and firing up those core muscles!

Small Stability Ball:

This light weight prop is great for bridging and core work!

Loop Resistance Bands:

This set gives you a variety of different resistance levels to add intensity to bridging, standing, sideline workouts and more!

Grippy Socks:

Perfect for those cold mornings or evenings to keep your feet toasty without slipping on your mat!

Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt – Lavender:

I love these in my bath when my muscles are sore after a class! (Candle and glass of wine not included)

HydroFlask Water Bottle:

Amazing stainless steel water bottles to keep my water or matcha the perfect temperature. Gotta stay hydrated!

The Coziest Slippers:

The title explains it all – plus they are super cute and a great price!

Yoga Blocks

Cute Storage Basket for Mats and Props

Keep Track of your Supplements