“Caitlin’s virtual classes have allowed me the flexibility to workout from home and stay consistent while running my small business. She is super encouraging but also challenges me when I need it most!”

– Heather (Private/ Group Class Client)

“Caitlin is such an absolute sweetheart and her energy is amazing. She hosted a group class for the Social Babes Sorority Club and we had so much fun. She made it easy to follow and comfortable for everyone, even beginners. This will not be the last time we work with Caitlin to inspire our girl gang and remind them to take time for themselves. Thank you Caitlin!”

– Brittney (Group Class Client)

“I absolutely love how comfortable Caitlin makes you feel. She creates such a calm and relaxing vibe and it’s such a beautiful way to start/end the day. I loved how there was a mix of intensity/challenge throughout the flow too so you can relax in moments but still challenge yourself enough to feel like you’ve worked your body. Thank you Caitlin!”

– Lauren (Group Class Client)

“Before I met Caitlin, I had such a hard time finding a fitness class I enjoyed. I am so excited to work out every week with now with Caitlin. She mades classes so fun and relatable. It’s all about staying positive because you showed up and made an effort and not about being perfect. I also really like how she customizes each class to who is in it and she is able to do so because she gets to know her students. You feel like you’re part of a little Pilates community.”

– Quinn (Group Class Client)

“I was feeling run down with Covid and frustrated with gyms not being open. I was looking for a way to keep myself accountable. I am very happy with the Zoom classes. I bought the month unlimited pass and I’ve enjoyed the classes regularly. I love how they keep me accountable. I’ve also enjoyed the classes in the park. Caitlin you are amazing!”

– Gena (Group Class Client)

“Classes are a good pace as well as a good workout and stretching as well! The classes cover all of the muscle groups in one class! It is a good workout overall! Fun classes! The hour flies by!”

– Jill (Private Class Client)

“The class was a really nice break from sitting at a desk all day. The stretches Caitlin had us do felt really good for someone who spends their day hunched over a computer”

– Katherine (Corporate Wellness Class Client)

“I really enjoyed the class. It provided a nice break during the work day and chance to get up and do some exercise instead of sitting all day like I normally do.”

– Vanessa (Corporate Wellness Class Client)

“Loved Caitlin’s energy and loved the class! It felt good :)”

– Valerie (Corporate Wellness Class Client)

“It was a great mix of working out and stretching, was a good work out but also so relaxing. My body felt great afterwards!”

– Elisa (Group Class Client)

“I enjoyed Pilates with Caitlin because it was challenging but also relaxing on my body. It got me back into fitness and taking care of myself!”

– Gabrielle (Group Class Client)

“I have really enjoyed my Pilates classes with Caitlin. Up until recently, I had never tried Pilates. During the classes I am completely comfortable in the safe environment that Caitlin creates. She does a great job demonstrating, keeps everyone engaged, and pays close attention to everyones form. Caitlin’s classes are suitable for all fitness levels. I look forward to my next class!”

– Lindsay (Group Class / Wine Down Wednesday Client)

“Relaxing environment and with guided, gentle movements making my body feel relaxed after”

– Katie (Wine Down Wednesday Client)

“I highly recommend Pilates with Caitlin. As a newbie to Pilates, Caitlin made me feel comfortable and confident. She was very welcoming and her friendly personality kept me motivated and engaged throughout the session. I look forward to my next class with Caitlin!”

– Laura (Group Class Client)

“As a retired dancer and a pretty active person, Caitlin’s classes provide such a deep stretch and activate all muscles. I normally tend to get distracted during Pilates and yoga classes but Caitlin keeps everyone engaged and rarely repeats moves. She even gives modifications for certain moves, for example with and without weights so that the moves work with you at any fitness level!”

– Connie (Group Class Client)

“She (Caitlin) made it enjoyable for everyone in the class and made sure everyone understood what we were doing next! I wish it was longer!”

– Olivia (Group Class Client)